Wedding Photography USB Drives & Other Tips

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Even if you don’t work in the wedding business, you can probably guess that wedding photography is fairly seasonal (especially in Sunrise’s home in Minnesota…or Minne-snow-ta, depending on the time of year). Springtime sees an uptick in nuptials, culminating in summer, and fall rounds out wedding season. Winter is the perfect time to work on your wedding photography business. Research and test out new ideas for sharing photos (like wedding photography USB drives), new approaches to marketing, and catching up those things you never got around do in the hubbub of weddings, editing, and all that other business.

So what should wedding photographers be doing in the off-season? Here are some ideas from PetaPixel to consider as we move into November.

Get Busy Blogging

We obviously know and observe the importance of frequent, timely blog posts. If you can’t be either of those things with your website blog in the summer, then take the time to do it in the winter. At the very least, try to post once a week (consider scheduling multiple posts if you work better in blocks). Use it as a way to both update your portfolio and let Google know that you’re open for business. For extra attention, host guest bloggers (AKA other wedding photography specialists or wedding professionals, like make up artists) and return the favor on their websites.

Up Your Social Game

Social media is key part of any marketing strategy, particularly one as visual and networking-heavy as wedding photography. Run through your older posts and start tagging people in them, or ask clients to tag faces they know. This will give your photos a boost and show up in feeds again. Who doesn’t want to relive their weddings?

Review your choice of social networks as well. Is Twitter worth the effort? Should you learn more about Snapchat? Now’s the time to make changes. You have the time to really invest in something new. Take advantage of it!

Consider Wedding Photography USB Drives

How do you share photos with your clients? Online album? Useful, but impersonal. CDs? Tangible, but fewer and fewer laptops have CD drives. USB drives are standard and easy to use. We love pairing USB drives with custom packaging, like the FlashPad. The FlashPad is an opportunity for marketing. Social channel usernames, QR codes, you can personalize wedding photography USB drives and FlashPads in a million different ways.

You can also consider these items for general promotion as well. FlashPads and FlashPad Wallets can be customized for more than just wedding photography USB drives. Your business card, a keepsake, whatever might entice clients.

Winter is Coming

What’s your plan for winter? Hibernation or productivity?