Wedding Photography Flashdrives

wedding photography flashdrives

The most basic tenet of economics is in supply and demand. When demand is high, but supply is low, value increases. When supply is high but demand is low, value decreases. There’s an interesting point, though, when we factor in perceived value. Value is relative, naturally, and when the perceived supply is high, it can do funny things to the value. This is the quandary in which many wedding photographers find themselves today. Everyone has a camera in their back pocket through smartphones. And with fancy, DSLR cameras relatively affordable, more and more people can claim the title of amateur photographer. All this combines to drop the perceived value of a professional photographer. But there are a few things professionals can do to set themselves apart, and wedding photography flashdrives are a cornerstone of this re-brand. 

Enhanced Customization By Providing Wedding Photography Flashdrives

So if anyone can point a camera and take a picture, why should anyone pay for these services? Finding creative ways to answer this argument is the bread and butter of wedding photographers today. The most compelling arguments lie in the images themselves. Masters of light and shadow, along with organizing personalities and recognizing special moments when they happen, professional photographers are key to capturing memories. 

Wedding photographer flashdrives from Tim Dodd

Photo property of Tim Dodd Photography

However, even the best photographer has to do some form of marketing to continue to work. Building a personal brand is taught in schools alongside photography courses, but it’s ongoing creativity and ingenuity that draws clients. Custom USB drives, and custom USB packaging, can be an ongoing source of innovation for any photographer. 

For a case study, check out how Tim Dodd Photography started using custom credit card USBs or business card USB drives to make an impression on clients. His customized flashdrive packaging features a log on the front of a tine, and a wafer USB drive. Not only does it give clients their photos in a versatile format, it also works as a literal business card. He even includes a release on the back of the card. 

Additionally, he includes a stock image on every drive titled ‘Read This First’ with instructions and tips on what is included on the drive and how users can download, print or share the content. 

Delight & Amaze

One thing Tim Dodd has done well is kept the entire process simple for the user, or clients, but still incorporating luxury or delightful elements. These kinds of little touches also increase the value perception; clients literally receive something tangible that’s also attractive while being branded. 

Minnesota-based Sunrise Packaging can help design custom wedding photographer flashdrives and packaging. Contact a representative today!