Using FlashPads for Business Promotion

Business promotion

Business promotion can come in many forms. Marketing and advertising are evolving fields, but some things stay the same. Awareness, messaging, and reach are all key, but in this day and age, something new is added to the mix. 

Being able to catch the eye of consumers has always been an important part of a marketing strategy, but it becomes even more important in this age of social media. Visuals, from images to GIFs to short films, are dominating most fields because they have the most ROI at this point. Any scroll through Instagram reveals the truth in this; half of the posts might be ads or sponsored in some way, not to mention your friends and families are also shilling their experiences in some way.  It's more important than ever for brands to create images that appeal. And our FlashPads are a great way to deliver on the visual necessity of a brand strategy while sharing a product. 

Business Promotion Case Study

Our FlashPads at Sunrise have been a popular option for years now. Originally designed around holding a flashdrive, their usage has exploded into just about nearly every industry. Their versatility, and propensity for great design, have made them a staple in our repertoire.  Here's a classic example of their use. 

Glen Berteau Ministries partnered with Sunrise Packaging to create an evangelical curriculum series. The concept is simple: it's our classic FlashPad with a straightforward USB drive. Where the unique factors in is in the design. The front facing panels of the FlashPad play on images of drinks - coffee and light beer, in the examples to the side - which express the messages of the respective pieces. 

This design is eye-catching and usurps users expectations. We're used to these kinds of images, but the messaging is what changes them. It's a great example of how a business promotion should engage and surprise users. 

How Do People Engage With Your Promotions?

Strategy is one side of the business promotion coin. The other side is impression - how is your promotion being received by your audience?

Being able to strike the right balance takes time and patience. Let your strategy play out and measure metrics as appropriate, but keep the focus on your product, and chances are you'll experience some level of success. And, of course, choosing the right packaging medium is key as well!

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