Using Flash Drives for Training

flash drives for training

As someone who worked for a customized training organization for a few years, I can say with certainty that you never really know what you’re walking into with first-time clients. Particularly when it comes to software training. Sometimes the set-up is great; everyone in the session has the same computer or similar workstation, with the same versions of software and technological level. Other times…none of these things exist. However, one way to establish consistency across all attendees is to ensure that everyone has the same documents or training materials. The best way to do this is to integrate customized flash drives for training. 

Why Flash Drives for Training Work So Well

flash drives for training

I know what you might be thinking, and believe me, it runs the gamut of the people you might see in a training: 

  • Why not print the materials for everyone?
  • Why not email the materials to everyone?
  • Why not save the materials in the cloud and give everyone the link?
  • (and just maybe you’re agreeing that flash drives for training are the way to go!)

Here’s my rationale: 

Printed materials only work as supplemental information.

To be completely honest, I always asked for an age range of training attendees. If the age veered lower, I wouldn’t bring anything printed. If the age veered upward, I was more likely to provide printed materials in addition to the digital files. Not to stereotype people based on their ages, of course, but there’s a generation that needs to hold those tangible pieces of paper to feel like they are Learning (note the capital L). However, when you’re teaching a software, paper will only get you so far. Attendees need hands-on experience to learn and retain. Placing files on custom USB drive gives them that tangible sense as well as presents a low-threshold, possible teaching moment.

Email can be unreliable.

Sometimes training attendees bring their own laptops. Other times, they’re in a lab on locked-down computers. They might not have access to email. Or limited access. Or problematic access. Whatever the limitations might be, it’s simply easier as instructor to bring materials with you. In this case, on a flash drive designed specifically for the class, and that can be access from any computer. 

Internet–and hence cloud access–isn’t always a given. 

Various industries lock down their campuses in different ways when it comes to Internet and wifi access. Some might block sites, like Google, Dropbox or other familiar file-sharing sites. Some places might not even allow Internet on non-workstations, or not have wifi open to all. So again, providing your own materials is the best way to ensure consistency and the fewest possible interruptions. 

Controlling the Uncontrollable

Naturally, there will always be factors that don’t quite make sense when you travel to different organizations, or issues will pop up that you didn’t plan on. However, by loading your materials onto custom USB drives designed for training, trainers can be confident that their materials are accessible to all. 

Also, from a brand perspective, customized training companies can use the personalized flash drives as marketing tools. Class attendees will be sure to hold on to the materials, or at the very least reuse the branded drive. Contact Sunrise today to find out more about possibilities in custom flash drives for training as well as branded packaging!