USB Presentation Boxes

USB presentation boxes

When I go to conference and stroll through the vendor fair side of things, there are usually two reasons. The first is to see who's there - do I know anyone/who am I wanting to talk to? - and the second is to see if there's any decent swag. And by decent, I mean usable, unique, and/or keep-worthy in some way. I've got enough pens and notepads to last me a lifetime, and I could make a king size quilt out of all the random t-shirts I've received. I want to feel like I'm getting a valuable gift. I want a box. 

On the surface, it might seem that a box is just that. A box. But when it comes to creating USB presentation boxes, it turns into an experience. Don't forget that your prospective client or customer (or conference attendee) needs to be impressed from the first touchpoint. The content on the USB drive will keep them engaged, but you need to have something to attract them over to your table in the first place. 

When we talk about custom boxes here at Sunrise Packaging, we're talking about stylish, gift-worthy boxes. The kind that I want to keep. Every box we create has a distinctive tone, and it starts with the style of the box. USB presentation boxes hold precious cargo, so we recommend including a custom tray to keep everything secure as well. Here are some of my favorite designs. 

USB presentation boxes

Different USB Presentation Boxes for Different Folks

Turned Edge / Two Piece Setup USB Box

The turned edge process wraps a material over chipboard, creating a durable, polished product. This image shows a custom two piece setup box with that process applied. It's a popular style that evokes innovation; it's a favorite of technology companies like Apple.

USB presentation boxes

Cigar USB Presentation Box

The iconic custom cigar box creates a virtual stage for your USB flashdrive as well as any accompanying materials, such as business cards and pamphlets. Businesses can ramp up the box appeal with special features. Magnetic closure is one that works well--who doesn't love the satisfying -snap!shut- of a magnetic box?--and our Netbox can be customized to the nth degree.

USB presentation boxes


Sleeve USB Presentation Boxes

Sleeve boxes are a generally-more affordable option to the ones above. Featuring an array of custom options, sleeve boxes are also great for longevity. If your brand changes, or you desire an update, simply switch out the sleeves for a whole new look.

FlashPad and FlashPad Wallet

Like any proud parent company, Sunrise loves all our products equally...but some products have more aptitude for certain purposes. When it comes to USB presentation packaging, our FlashPad can't be left out of the conversation. These products feature friction-fit thermoformed cavities or foam trays, and the slim size makes them easy to transport and share out. 

And if that's too big? Check out the FlashPad Wallet. The wallets feature a die-cut cavity, making less thick and less bulky (and that's on a product that's already notoriously thin). They are also available as a bifold or a trifold, so there's no sacrificing print space. And you know where the idea for the name comes from. 

Either option is ideal for conferences or other marketing endeavors. They may not be quite as sharp as the custom box options, but I would still pick one up. Partially for the USB drive, partially for the compactness. 

Set Your Product Apart From the First Impression

We have no doubt that your product can stand its own against the competition. But with a little boost from some strategically-designed USB presentation boxes, you can enhance your brand image and boost your sales. All while giving conference attendees something to which we can look forward at the vendor fair!