The many uses of USB Flash Drives

collector_usb5USB drives are a great way to store and transport data in a convenient way. While this is probably the most common use of USB drives, there are plenty of other uses for this easy to use gadget. Here are some more capabilities that drive users should be aware of:

1. You can run portable applications using a flash drive. When you are on the go and need to use specific applications or program suites, if you have them installed on a portable storage device-USB drive- you can get your work done from any location.

2. With a USB flash drive, you can do much more than simply run an application. USB drives are also capable of helping you boot either Windows or Linus applications.

3. Along with running applications remotely, a USB flash drive can also help you connect to a wireless network. Get connected with a transportable device.

4. If you forget the password to your user account on a Windows system that is not part of a domain, only a password reset disk can help you out. Store this on your flash drive and you’ll be able to do it anywhere.

5. Speed up your operating system with a performance boost. ReadyBoost can use the storage space on a USB Flash drive as an additional memory cache aid to memory cache on your hard disk.


I could go on forever listing the many uses for aUSB Flash Drive. You can run a website, password protect, lock your computer, manage data, so on and so forth. While they will continue to improve, it looks like flash drives are here to stay and will continue to serve the many needed purposes in this technological world.