USB Drives vs. Cloud Storage

Portable storage is very important to many businesses. There are two different ways of storing data, by USB drives or Cloud computing. Each device does remotely the same thing, but there are different pros and cons for both of them.

Cloud computing is a network that your data is filed on. Since it is linked to a network, there is no equipment needed and set-up goes quickly. Employees of the company are given usernames and passwords to access the Cloud storage. Cloud allows for a lot of freedom. Data is quickly accessed from any computer by using your username and password. Cloud also offers a reliable backup system. If your business’s system crashes, Cloud has all your information stored.

USB drives are a fantastic choice for portable backup storage and quick file transfers. The price of USB drives is very reasonable. Companies can buy USB drives on a need basis and will not have to fork over a monthly bill. The convenience of USB drives is ideal for companies. They are easily stored in a pocket or briefcase. USB drives have a reliable security system that eliminates stress.

The reason why businesses choose USB storage devices is because of the inadequate features of Cloud computing. The security of Cloud is a major issue. A lot of trust is needed when using Cloud. This is due to a number of employees having access to the data and when the information is shared with third parties, you have to put your trust into them as well. This can challenge the confidentiality of your data. Storage capacity of Cloud is another issue. There are bandwidth limitations and capacity restrictions. Companies that require a lot of data space are not likely to use Cloud because their monthly bill would be very high. The performance of Cloud is another concern. Companies internet speed and how many user are on determines how fast the files are transferred and downloaded. Many individuals find that using Cloud is convenient for them, but many businesses turn to USB devices for storing their data.