USB Dog Tag Keeps Fido Safe

USB dog tags can keep your pooch safe

You've been puttering around the house for a while before you hear it (or rather, you don't hear it). The silence that comes with wondering where the dog is.  Going to the back door and not seeing Fido waiting to come back inside. Walking outside and noticing the gate is open, or that broken part of the fence looks a like something squeeze through it. It's a feeling that most pet owners have experienced in some form (even if Fido then trots out from the side of the house), and one heightened if the pet has any kind of medical affliction. That's where a USB dog tag could save Fido's life. 

Not to state the obvious, but dogs can't talk. They can't tell someone who finds them that they're blind, or deaf, or have diabetes that requires insulin shots and special food. They can't tell someone where they live or who their owner is, or what vet they see. You don't have to be an animal lover to want to help a living thing in need, but you can't know what you literally don't know. So vet offices out there, consider ordering a series of FlashPad Wallets with USB dog tags for your clients.

USB dog tag in a flashpad wallet

USB Dog Tag & FlashPad Wallets

The image shows a typical medical alert dog tag available online. There is room on the back for three lines, with 20 characters to each line. That's less than a tweet. And somehow it needs to convey the affliction, allergies/diet restrictions, special needs, in case of emergency, not to mention the pet's name and your contact information.

How do you prioritize the information? Or do you just load up multiple tags? As a veterinarian, how do you share all of this information with pet owners, let alone someone who finds Fido on the street? 

By loading an engravable USB dog tag with this information, Fido will carry this information with him wherever he goes, allowing those who find him to know more about him and what his needs are, as well as where he can be taken if hurt. For vets, information sharing can be hard when pet owners are distressed or distracted. Whenever my dog gets a shot and I'm handed a stack of papers, I might glance through them, but they usually end up in the recycling. A USB would entice me to check it out more closely.

Additionally, by using the FlashPad Wallet (currently Minnesota-based Sunrise Packaging's September special), vet offices can load the USB with relevant information and direct pet owners on what to load for their pet's security. The FlashPad Wallet can be used for universal content, like social media handles, vet's name and address, and more information. Talk to a sales representative to learn more about how FlashPad Wallets and USB dog tags can help not only your business, but lost dogs, too.