USB Chargeable Touchpad Compatible for Windows 8

The use of touch sensitive devices is skyrocketing in popularity. The most recent system to hop on the techno bandwagon is Windows 8. Just in time for this, Logitech has released its flagship touchpad compatible with this system. Logitech’s new advancement the Touchpad T650 has different features than its predecessor. The T650 utilizes smooth fingerprint resistant glass that gives moving the curser more accuracy. The touchpad also allows for the 13 ready-to-use windows gestures unlike the original device. The touchpad T650 connects via 2.4Ghz unifying receiver much like wireless keyboards and mice. The device can also be used whilst charging  it with a USB cable. It is nice to have devices that you can use while they charge, however Logitech claims that you can get a month’s worth of use from the device out of a single charge. The touchpad will hit the shelves for $79.99 before the Windows 8 launch on October 26th of this year.


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