USB Cases For Every Situation

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Sunrise Packaging offers plenty of ideas for USB drive packaging to meet every budget. And that includes stock USB cases that aren’t boring boring. 

(Say it with us one  time: stock USB cases don’t have to be boring!)

Here’s what we mean: when people hear the word *stock* they think boring. Plain. Commonplace. But that’s only one aspect of the stock approach. We know that not every project calls for highly-customized approach. Whether it’s a question of cost, time or some other factor, stock USB cases can be a lifesaver. And you don’t have to sacrifice the custom approach completely, either. 

How to Customize Stock USB Cases

Attractive Inserts

While Sunrise stocks a variety of standard USB cases, our offerings don’t stop there. Nearly all cases include spaces for inserts or print outs. While you can create some elements yourself, for the best quality, let Sunrise use our resources to create vibrant and attention-grabbing inserts. 

By using our digital printing services, we can create perfectly-saturated inserts that elevate stock USB cases into something special. Integrating your branding and aesthetic into otherwise stock packaging makes it yours. Not stock anymore.  

Custom USB Drives

Customize your flash drives to match your organization or intention with this effort. Some places go for the kitsch factor; others find ways to turn USB drives into business cards. You can choose from a variety of materials–metal, wood, plastic, and more–as well as content customization. 

Other Options for USB Packaging

While we’re focused on stock packaging for USB drives in this particularly post, we can’t not mention our favorite options for personalized USB cases. Our FlashPads and FlashPad wallets are cost-effective alternatives to the custom boxes we also make to house USB sticks. These pads feature a ton of options for organizations. Flash drives are just one option; they can hold business cards, power banks, gift certificates, anything you can think of that fits in the space. 

Turn Stock into Success

USB cases can be created to meet any budget and any need. Whatever your particular constraints might be, contact Sunrise first. We’re confident that we can put together a proposal that exceeds expectations.