USB Bracelets are Stylish Lifesavers

From digital business cards to ebook distribution vehicles, the cool uses for USB flash drives just keep getting cooler. And, in the case of this latest find, not only is it cool, but it could mean the difference between life and death.

From Sharper Image comes a medical alert bracelet with a twist. Not only does it’s sleek, subtle design look good on the wearer, but it houses a usb drive. While technically it could be used to store any data, one would hope you’d load it up with your relevant medical history. That way a paramedic, first responder, or even the first person to find a victim could have access to information like what medications is the victim allergic to? Or what’s his/her primary emergency contact?

medical usb bracelets custom usb drive medical alert bracelet








Medical alert bracelets already ride the line between stylish and functional, but the flash drive functionality really sets this item apart from the rest. USB bracelets that can do the talking for you are powerful allies if you’re someone who suffers from a sudden onset medical conditions. Instructions for CPR, anybody?

That power, in a nutshell, is the power of the external usb drive, especially portable flash drives and thumb drives. A product that can contain so much more than its surface area. In an age when so much of content is digital, so much business is digital, it seems almost silly to rely on paper flyers and cards. Customized USB drives pull double duty as a digital portfolio and a souvenir and can be personalized with your info just like the business cards of yore.

For packaging flash drives, including the new trend of USB bracelets, may we recommend the premiere usb drive packaging, the FlashPad™. The hardcover bound FlashPad way is a great way to for custom flash drives to mirror the dazzling display contained within. With plenty of visual real estate and a giftlike presentation, this flash drive packaging is a staple of trade shows and retail alike.


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