Upping the Exposure of your Podcast

flash pad for promoting your podcast

Having trouble getting your podcast off the ground? USB packaging might be the answer. Here’s a few tips to get you started. Consider this a bit of a tutorial in upping your listenership, brought to you by presentation packaging.


Am I getting too far ahead? What is a podcast? Think of it as a very specific radio show that instead of tuning into, you can download and listen to at your leisure. Topics ranging from Star Wars, to politics, to general tomfoolery, all at the click of a link. Get it? Got it. Good!


So You Want to Start a Podcast

Great. Prepare for some late nights, early mornings, and a crash course in sound design and mixing, for a start. And you thought your charming radio personality was going to be enough! It’s not all toil–it’s a lot of fun too. And it’s a pretty big payoff.


Podcasting has been around awhile, but recently it seems to have exploded. Most celebrities, athletes, and the average joe you meet on the street probably has a podcast in one form or another. Sure, it’s fun to have a platform to speak on your favorite subjects. A soapbox which to share your passions with people over a global network. But the day has come that podcasting can be lucrative.


Just look at The Comedy Button for example. Five buddies, goofing around on the internet, talking video games, alcoholic beverages, and animal incidents an hour at a time. In addition to a host of sponsors, and an online store, they also make $20,000+ per month from listeners. That’s right, thanks to Patreon.com, these wacky podcasters are clearing a couple mil a year.


Patreon is an amazing asset for artists and musicians, but it’s still backed by the fans. Without those, you’re definitely not going to reach Comedy Button status. The key? Exposure. Exposure, exposure, exposure. If you’re thinking of starting a podcast, getting your name out there is tantamount. If you have already started one and are trying to increase listenership, you know this is the hardest part. Getting people to listen.

micro USB drive


Spreading the Word

You’d think getting people to download a FREE internet radio show would be easy, but sometimes it can feel like pulling teeth. Personally, I’ve been co-host of a podcast for 2 years. We have our diehards and, truthfully, my co-host and I are just in it for fun. A reason to get together once a month and talk movies and craft beer. But there are days when it feels like Can’t you just click the ‘download’ button already?!


Sometimes it’s not that easy. Potential listeners might not have the data, the wi-fi connection, the time, the patience, or the savvy. You may have to get your podcast into their hands before you can get it into their ears. This is where USB packaging comes in.


A podcast is like a combination of a new product and a new business. Your product being your voice, your show. And your business being the solution to a problem, or, more specifically, the filler of a programming void. And, like any good business, you have to do your rounds at trade shows and conventions. And, if you’ve read this blog, you know what USB packaging can do for those.

flashpad, a tool for the podcast

A Website You Can Hold in Your Hand

Long story short, there’s a lot of links floating around social media these days. It’s getting tougher and tougher to get a click. So why not go a little old school? Load a few of your best episodes on a custom flash drive and dress it up with a FlashPad. Start with friends and family. The best part of data is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Duplicating, rather than just being a set piece that changes hands.


USB packaging gives you the best of all worlds: the style and flash of presentation packaging, the memorable, functional gift of a flash drive, and the technical abilities of a link. In a way, the FlashPad is like a physical website. It draws you in with visual graphics, giving a cursory glance at what your podcast is all about. Photos of the hosts, events, the show in motion. An “About” blurb or two. And then, the flash drive itself, loaded with all the digital goodies. Episodes, theme songs, behind-the-scenes videos. It’s like all the things on your site that you wish your audience could see all at once.


Sure, there are other steps to upgrading your podcast: Quality website content with a clear focus, keystone episodes, and visuals (graphics, photos, videos). All of which give your podcast a professional feel. But consider USB packaging like the FlashPad a little sampler of all the above.