University USB Drives

memory sticks and university usb drives as promo packaging

It’s that time of year! School starts for all ages soon (or has already started). The back-to-school shopping list changes the age of the student, growing from crayons and scissors to graphing calculators and laptops. But as college-age kids start moving toward out of the house and into dorm rooms, there’s one item that can serve them throughout their entire college career: university USB drives. University USB drives

Branded flashdrives from a college are a great gift to incoming students. The cloud can be notoriously fickle, and that’s not something on which a student should chance a 20 page term paper. Portable pocket drives can accompany the student anywhere they need to go to work on homework (with or without wifi). 

And best of all for the institution, university USB drives are branded, creating a case for branding anywhere a student goes. Compel students to add their identifying mark, and they’ve got a tool they can use throughout their college career. But what size and features are most appropriate? Here are some tips to consider:

Choosing University USB Drives

  1. Estimate storage needs
    There’s no simple formula for how much space someone might need. It depends on the individual. One person might only use the flashdrive for Word documents; another might use it as a backup for their phone and want to store photos, videos, and other types of content on it.  It comes down to how much you want students to be able to use the drive. For example, a 16GB USB drive can hold one minute of HD video; a 256GB drive holds 224 minutes.  However, just moving documents around can be done with markedly smaller drives, like 2GB… Unfortunately, it can’t be used for much more. Shoot for something larger that students can use for more things, but not be the replacement for a hard drive. 
  2. Security concerns
    Secure USB drives are a must in this day and age, particularly on a college campus. It’s easy to forget a drive in a campus computer lab. And, whether it’s an accident or due to malice, it’s easy for the next student to erase or steal the data on it. Make sure that the style of flashdrive you choose can be easily encrypted, and include instructions for students to be able to do so on a FlashPad or FlashPad Wallet
  3. 2.0 or 3.0?
    USB 2.0 vs. 3.0 is becoming a more important question. Older computers use 2.0; newer *might* have a 3.0 port (and more smartphones do, too). Split the difference and get a drive with both ports on either end. 

Don’t Stop with the Flashdrive

There’s bound to be some extra messaging that would work with your university USB drive. Like the aforementioned encryption instructions, include some copy welcoming them, talking about campus, connecting them with social accounts. Contact Sunrise today to find out more!