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Florida Poly University Flashdrives

I still remember the pure excitement I experienced when I found out that I was accepted to my number one choice for college. I was so happy, so excited, I couldn't wait to tell the world. I texted everyone I knew (well, everyone who I knew would care), and immediately made plans to stop by the campus ASAP to get those oh-so-essential pieces of clothing. You know it: the custom branded university hoodies, sweatpants, tee-shirts... Basically anything with a logo. Nowadays, students don't have to visit the campus bookstore to get their fix of campus gear. And there's no limit to what college's don't brand, from university flashdrives to cell phone cases and beyond. 

When I got my acceptance letter, it included a voucher to the bookstore (I can't remember what it was for exactly--probably a tee shirt or a percentage off), which meant waiting for that gratification. What if colleges and universities could cut out that piece, and send students a branded piece memorabilia that was functional and still carried an iota of distinction? Sending admitted students a custom university flashdrive is a great way to achieve multiple goals for Admissions Offices. 

University Flashdrives & Admitted Students

Maintain That Excitement
Getting the acceptance letter is one thing, but getting something useful like a USB drive along with it? Even better. The flashdrive can be carried with them on a key chain, used at school, and basically serves as a constant reminder to the student. They got in to college, which is reason enough to celebrate. Having a small token to have with them (casually, not like me in my hoodie-sweatpants-stocking cap get up) is a way to keep them excited.

University flashdrive

Tell 'Em What They Need to Know
Keep it simple is a good mantra when it comes to admitting students. It's exciting, but it's also a little overwhelming to receive a packet of information on tuition, financial aid, student life, campus housing, campus dining, and everything else that needs to be considered by new students. Send the letter, and try to put whatever else you can on university flashdrives. Refer to information on the flashdrive in the letter (and maybe even pop in an Easter egg-like coupon when they access the information) so they know it's there. Build out a communication flow so that students are still receiving the information they need, but let this initial positive contact be one of excitement and not mounting anxiety.

Introduce Them To Campus
Have a video tour? A prerecorded congratulations from a dean or college president? Pop it all on the university flashdrive. It feels more personalized to see and hear someone say the words than to read them sometimes. It's a great way to build rapport without the time investment. 

Use a FlashPad or FlashPad Wallet
You can't just send a custom usb drive loose in an envelope, can you? Sunrise's custom flashdrive packaging options include our recommended FlashPad and FlashPad Wallet. Both utilize our favorite hallmarks of luxury packaging (glossy printing, soft touch lamination, turned edge corners, and more), ensuring a positive impression by your admitted students. Customizing with your brand and colors gives it additional impact. Best of all, it allows you to set the stage for recipients. Universities and colleges can compose content that directs users to specific places on the university flashdrive, like a checklist, or as a call-to-action to visit social networks. It's up to you. 

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