Unique Promo Packaging Ideas

memory sticks and university usb drives as promo packaging

Promo packaging shouldn’t be a cookie cutter process. 

The entire point of running a promotion is to generate not just business, but excitement in your customer. Promos are special, something to be celebrated. How can your packaging reflect that? 

We’d like to suggest, for your consideration: the FlashPad and FlashPad wallet

Promo Packaging Exampleskey fob gift promo packaging

Key Fob Packaging for Sunrise Auto

Let’s turn to one of our favorite recent examples of promo packaging. We worked with Sunrise Auto to create these custom foam pads.

When someone buys a car, it’s the height of excitement. And when you get that spare key fob, it’s usually just dropped in an envelope or handed without any extra emotion attached to it (and, if we’re being honest, it’s dropped in the miscellaneous drawer at home with just as much thought, right). 

Sunrise Auto is capitalizing on that moment, turning it from an afterthought to a true promotion. Rather than viewing it as just another piece of the transaction, they’re taking the time to congratulate the buyer again. To create a true gift of the experience. Sunrise Packaging also created custom spaces to hold not just the key fob, but also a business card or a gas card/gift card for the buyer. It’s a total experience for them. 

USB PackagingCustom Flash Drive Cases as promo packaging for SOAAR

Flash drives have long been a part of promo kits, but when they’re the only thing, don’t skip the chance to ramp up the experience. 

In the project to the left, we took our FlashPad Wallet and customized it to the needs of SOAAR. Their mission is to educate people on food allergies, and this creates the perfect, pocket-sized promo package to share and distribute. 

Rather than host the videos somewhere online, this gives participants the information to keep on hand, and the ability to show it anywhere, without Wifi. It also allows for plenty of customization in graphics, finishes, and other design elements. 

Packaging for Promotions Whenever the Opportunity Arises

In both of these examples, the organizations took their promotions to the next level. The status quo–handing over spare key fobs, directing users to a videos online–would have sufficed. But it’s a lost opportunity. Take a minute to re-examine your own transactions. We guarantee that there are at least a few missed opportunities to turn a transaction into a promotion. 

When you’re ready to talk promo packaging, we’ll be waiting!