Unique Business Cards

unique business cards

Sales isn’t a business for the weak or the lazy. It’s an industry where people need to be *on* and thrive on that feeling. A big part of the equation to success is differentiation. What makes your business different? What makes YOU different? Bringing some surprise into the process, whether it’s unique business cards, an engaging pitch, or something else, is one option.

Unique business cards, or unconventional business cards, might be seen as just a gimmick to get people to take  your information. And if we’re being honest…it kind of is. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it as a way to add more value to the transaction. Whether you’re just meeting someone or have an established relationship, it comes down to making them feel special.

Well, special and get your message across. 

Sunrise Packaging has a couple suggestions. USB business cards, or flashdrives as business cards, are one. Clients can use the custom flash drives for their own use. After they peruse the information with which you load the sticks, of course. unique business cards

Another is to use our FlashPads or FlashPad Wallets as a holder for business cards (traditional or credit card-sized USB drives). These offer more real estate for information as well as reminders of your business proposition. 

Ideas for Your Unique Business Cards

Mashable compiled a list of some of the most interesting and unique business cards around. Here are some of the tips we picked up from the list: 

Put a Bird On It

Ok, so maybe not a literal bird. But to borrow an expression from Portlandia, adding your photo to a business card can actually increase the likelihood of someone keeping it around. It creates a different kind of connection, one where they consistently put a face to the name. And the business. 

Make it Multipurpose

The USB credit card flashdrive is one example of this. When someone’s business card has an alternative purpose, it’s another reason to keep it around. I’ve seen beer clubs with bottle opener business cards, custom carpentry businesses with rulers along the edge, and more. 

Use an Unexpected Material

Just a level below the multipurpose idea, using a different material is another facet of unique business cards. Tactile expression is a profound engagement of the senses. Using wood, steel, a soft touch laminate, all of these can express something intangible about your business. FlashPads can be wrapped in different kinds of material with nearly any design you can dream up. 

Make a Statement

Stick out in the minds of your clients. Check out the different options open to you by contacting Sunrise today.