Ultra Fast USB Drives: Which One Rules Them All?

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Cloud and online data storage have a lot of advantages over ye olde USB drive. They're accessible on multiple devices (like those without standard USB 3.0 ports). It's easy enough to share or send information from them, and it's kind of nice to not have to carry around *another* device, right? But there are also down sides. Data privacy, for one. If you're using storage for *free* on the surface, remember that that makes you and your data the product. iCloud hacks, particularly for celebrity photos, aren't even uncommon anymore. That advantages of using a USB drive, then, instead of cloud storage become clear. And, with the new crop of ultra fast USB sticks now available, the impetus becomes even more clear.  

But speed of download has often been cited as an issue. Is that still the case? According to a recent Forbes piece by Antony Leather--

...the latest drives can dish out data across a USB port as fast as a modern SSD – up to 400MB/sec in some cases. That means you can transfer a 2-gigabyte movie file in five seconds, and a stash of 10 gigabytes of photos in less than half a minute.

--so in short, no. Leather reviewed four different models currently on the market, each offering 500 GB of portable storage. At that rate, your USB could practically be a back-up time machine.

Ultra Fast USB Drive Options

Angelbird SSD2go Pocket 

This ultra fast USB drive promises to be nearly indestructible. The Angelbird is the most expensive to be reviewed, but also proved to be the fastest. Sometimes you have to put up a little cash to get results. 

Capacity after formatting: 471GB

HyperX Savage 

Leather commented more on the looks of this USB drive than its capacity (to be fair, it is pretty sharp). It's the smallest USB reviewed with a strong casing. 

Capacity after formatting: 468GB

Lexar Portable SSD

The Lexar isn't something you'd affix to a keychain, but it's not too big to slide into a pocket. However, it requires a USB type B cable (think the bigger, clunky kind you need with a printer...like, before wireless printing). So make sure to always carry your own cable when using this ultra fast USB drive if you plan to use it on the go.

Capacity after formatting: 476GB

Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2

By far the best name in the bunch. Leather reports that, for ultra fast USB drives, this one is light and durable. Probably the most cost-efficient buy out as well. 

Capacity after formatting: 468GB

Ultra fast USB ssd 2 go
Ultra fast USB from hyper x gaming
Ultra fast USB from Lexar
Ultra fast USB from Patriot Memory

Ultra Fast USB Sticks

Ultimately, when it comes down to choosing the right USB drive for you, consider the important options. Why do you need it? Where do you plan on using it (PC, Mac, etc)? What factors are most important (price, durability, etc)? Overall, reviews are only as helpful as the reviewer's tastes and preferences resemble your own. Consider the information above as a starting point to choosing your ultra fast USB drive for your unique purposes.