Top USB Flashdrives in 2016

Top USB Flashdrives

There are a few things you can count on every December: crazy holiday shopping, and lots of 2016 retrospectives and listicles. We’re not exempt from this year-end type of content. We’re in the business of USB flashdrives, so naturally it makes sense to create a list of the best flash drives of 2016.

USB FlashDrives in 2016

As one of the most common portable storage devices, USB flashdrives come in all shapes, sizes and price points. Cost doesn’t always equal quality, though, and our list takes this into consideration. Our primary criteria for making the list focused on speed, memory and–and increasingly important factor–security.

  1. ScanDisk Extreme

    Voted ‘Editor’s Choice’ this year, this entry from ScanDisk is a great investment. With nearly 60 GB of usable space, it also promises fast 3.0 speeds and built-in security features. Password protection is just one line of defense on these USB flashdrives.

  2. LaCie Xtremkey

    Featuring an intriguing design, the LaCie USB flashdrives are among the sturdiest out there. Made from a metallic alloy and capped with a threaded, screw-on piece, the LaCie protects from the elements and any possible foreign intruders to your device.  If you like to carry a flash drive on your key chain, this is the one.

  3. IronKey Workspace

    Also dubbed “Windows-To-Go” and also one of the most expensive flashdrives on this list. But it’s much more than just a device to hold data as well. This holds a complete, boot-able Windows 8 compatible with any computer (except a Mac, obviously). Somewhat similar to the LaCie but with a more rugged design, it’s also fairly intractable.

  4. Kingston DataTraveler

    Are you constantly finding yourself out of space due to photos and videos on your phone? This is the USB drive for you. Featuring a micro USB on one end and a standard on the other, users can remove some photos and load them directly onto a computer.  For more price-conscious shoppers, Kingstons come in 64GB, 32GB, and 16GB.

  5. Lexar Jumpdrive

    Device transfer speed is the main advantage of this drive (plus, at the time of writing, it’s pretty steeply discounted on Amazon). Lexar also has the digital vault for increased data protection to boot.

USB Flashdrives for the Holidays

USB drives can make good holiday presents if the recipient is a fan of data storage or has a need (basically, if you have a teenager with a smartphone, the Kingston might be a great option). The other thing to keep in mind is that new technology tends to be announced in the early part of 2017. So if you want the best and newest, wait a month or two. If you’re looking for a bargain, keep your eyes open now.