Tips for Promotional Giveaways

promotional-itemsPromotional giveaways at tradeshows are a great way to extend brand presence after the event, at Sunrise Packaging we have found that custom USB drives in a unique case are a big hit. When you plan to exhibit at a show remember, the more traditional your giveaways are, the more they will get lost in the shuffle. A lot of vendors have something for you to walk away with, but what are the promotional items that really make the difference? Here are some tips from some young successful entrepreneurs on what giveaways are your best bet!

– Provide value with a giveaway. Give them a care package or a tool they can continue to use.

-Business cards are boring. Anyone walking a show will expect to get your business card- surprise them!

-Free T-shirt? Sure, I’ll wear it! Remember this- give them something not only they will use but something that others will see them using.

– Go small or go home. The bigger your giveaway is, the more bulk they have to carry. Don’t risk being shredded from their stash!

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