Memory Sticks For Additional Storage

memory sticks and university usb drives as promo packaging

When you step back and look at the past ten years in technology, the changes are staggering. And in no sphere more than when it comes to smartphone technology. From simply making calls to allowing people to take high definition photos and videos, the leaps and bounds in our ability to document life is amazing….

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USB Media Kits for Authors

USB media kits for authors

I can’t profess to be an author in any capacity beyond a digital one, but I do know one thing: it’s much easier for me to write about anything–seriously, just about anything–than it is to write about myself. However, when it comes to self-promotion, that’s exactly the skill that needs to be utilized. As the…

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Custom Power Banks: Tips for Shopping

Ultimate USB drive

Custom power banks are swiftly becoming one of the most useful gifts out there. Paired with an ultra fast charging cable, they’re ideal for a quick charge on the go wherever you might be. With hacking and other nefarious activities on the rise and aided through unsecured public USB ports, it’s also the safer choice. When…

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USB Security Keys: No More Passwords?

custom luxury boxes

Facebook just released a new set of privacy tools, including one that’s very useful in keeping unsavory characters from messing with your profile (or worse). The update allows users access through USB security keys supporting the universal second factor (or U2F) standard. You can confirm your identity with a key tap. Note that Sunrise doesn’t…

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USB-C -ometh: The Next Wave of Apple Products

USB-C photo from Android Central

As technology matures, so do the ports that link our devices. The USB-C is rumored to be built in to Apple’s next generation of Macbook Pros. As the herald for many up-and-coming tech and hardware features–well, in this millenia, anyways–Apple tends to go all-in when it comes to new and new-ish features. Remember the hubbub…

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Leave the Flashdrive, Take the Cannolli: 4 Ways to Nail Your Next Presentation

USB flashdrive

Just suggesting a public presentation is enough to send some people into a nervous frenzy. Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable at some point in most people’s jobs. Whether you’re presenting to clients, your boss, or your grand-boss (aka boss’s boss), the most important thing to do is the most obvious: share all the information necessary to get…

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Upcycle Flash Drives: Tips to Reuse USB Sticks

Upcycle flash drives, multicolored_Swivel_Drives

Flash drives used to be the gold standard for transferring files between devices. But as cloud storage becomes more efficient, the prominence of USB sticks has lessened a bit. However, there are plenty of uses and ways to upcycle flash drives. Think beyond information sharing to give your custom USB drives a little extra *oomph* in the…

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