The Best of Both Worlds: USB Music Marketing

Prism Music creative USB music packaging boxes and a media guide for usb music marketing

We’re not shy about talking about our age, but here at Sunrise Packaging, we’ve seen the transitions that come with music trends. From records to 8 tracks to CDs, we’ve made packaging for just about all of them. And now, with streaming as the go-to method for learning about new tunes, we’ve adapted again. USB…

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Music Packaging & USB Drives

Prism Music creative USB music packaging boxes and a media guide for usb music marketing

Sharing music has changed drastically over the past decade. And so has music packaging. Liner notes and cover art used to be part of how a band expressed their aesthetic and their supported their sound. As streaming platforms take over distribution, the interest in tangible formats has waned. Well, excepting the resurgent interest in vinyl,…

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Memory Sticks For Additional Storage

memory sticks and university usb drives as promo packaging

When you step back and look at the past ten years in technology, the changes are staggering. And in no sphere more than when it comes to smartphone technology. From simply making calls to allowing people to take high definition photos and videos, the leaps and bounds in our ability to document life is amazing….

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Music Packaging: Staying Relevant in the Market

music packaging

We’ve written a lot about the different reasons to love Minnesota (even though it’s a little harder now as we endure multiple days in subzero temperature). But one of the biggest is our local music scene. Yes, we’ve given the world Prince, Atmosphere, and Hüsker Dü (just to name a few). But Minnesota fosters a…

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USB Security for Groups & Individuals

USB security and usb cases

USB drives are one of the handiest ways to share information out there. If Internet access isn’t reliable, or you’re sharing sensitive data that doesn’t belong in the cloud, it’s the way to go. However, like most pieces of technology, flashdrives have been known to be used for nefarious purposes as well. USB security is…

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Custom USB Drive Packaging Idea-Generating Tips

Custom USB drive packaging

Custom USB drive packaging should complement every scenario. Different industries have different needs, right?  All your collateral should work together to create a sense of a whole. As things like omni-channel marketing become, well, omnipresent, start to plan out how your business can capitalize on it. And jump on it early, before other organizations wake…

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Top USB Flashdrives in 2016

Top USB Flashdrives

There are a few things you can count on every December: crazy holiday shopping, and lots of 2016 retrospectives and listicles. We’re not exempt from this year-end type of content. We’re in the business of USB flashdrives, so naturally it makes sense to create a list of the best flash drives of 2016. USB FlashDrives…

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USB Drives & Healthcare Technology

Pocket usb drives

The needs within healthcare technology are remarkably constant. While technology changes and evolves, the main desire for consumers is based on mobility and cost. As our global society becomes, well, increasingly global, the ability to share resources and devices become more and more important. Our global responsibilities as citizens of the world grow as well….

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Flashdrive Marketing 101

Flashdrive marketing

Over time, we’ve compiled a lot of resources on flashdrive marketing. Perusing the blog at USB Packaging is like unleashing a tsunami of knowledge. While it’s all great stuff, some tips stand out more than others. And like anybody, we have our favorites to highlight. Marketing with flashdrives or USB sticks is a great way…

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USB-C -ometh: The Next Wave of Apple Products

USB-C photo from Android Central

As technology matures, so do the ports that link our devices. The USB-C is rumored to be built in to Apple’s next generation of Macbook Pros. As the herald for many up-and-coming tech and hardware features–well, in this millenia, anyways–Apple tends to go all-in when it comes to new and new-ish features. Remember the hubbub…

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