USB-C -ometh: The Next Wave of Apple Products

USB-C photo from Android Central

As technology matures, so do the ports that link our devices. The USB-C is rumored to be built in to Apple’s next generation of Macbook Pros. As the herald for many up-and-coming tech and hardware features–well, in this millenia, anyways–Apple tends to go all-in when it comes to new and new-ish features. Remember the hubbub…

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SanDisk Reveals USB-C Dual Drive

flashdrive portfolios

One the major purchases I made prior to studying abroad in 2006 was a brand new iBook. To transfer my music and files from my parent’s desktop, I bought the biggest flash drive Best Buy carried…and it wasn’t even one gigabyte. While the devices of a decade ago didn’t have a lot of space, they…

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