USB Media Kits for Authors

USB media kits for authors

I can’t profess to be an author in any capacity beyond a digital one, but I do know one thing: it’s much easier for me to write about anything–seriously, just about anything–than it is to write about myself. However, when it comes to self-promotion, that’s exactly the skill that needs to be utilized. As the…

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University USB Drives

memory sticks and university usb drives as promo packaging

It’s that time of year! School starts for all ages soon (or has already started). The back-to-school shopping list changes the age of the student, growing from crayons and scissors to graphing calculators and laptops. But as college-age kids start moving toward out of the house and into dorm rooms, there’s one item that can…

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External Storage Devices

external storage options

Not to date myself, but when I was preparing for my freshman year of college, the textbook and materials for my major included a zip disk. This was 2004, and USB drives were on the cusp of becoming mainstream. But at the time, a 250MB disk was considered a massive amount of external storage. How…

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A Promotional Power Bank Sends A Powerful Message

Promotional power bank

We live in a society that craves power. Not necessarily in the caveman, hierarchical sense (well, not overtly), but in an energy sense. In 2016 alone, the number of smartphones is expected to reach over 2 billion. Combined with the ‘always on’ culture that constant connectivity feeds, the need for power only grows. A promotional…

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SanDisk Reveals USB-C Dual Drive

flashdrive portfolios

One the major purchases I made prior to studying abroad in 2006 was a brand new iBook. To transfer my music and files from my parent’s desktop, I bought the biggest flash drive Best Buy carried…and it wasn’t even one gigabyte. While the devices of a decade ago didn’t have a lot of space, they…

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Sales Kit with USB

This video highlights the many benefits that come from a promotional sales kit. By including a pre-loaded USB flash drives, prospective customers are able to do proper research before they contact you for your services. Often used as a pre-mailer for tradeshows and events, a custom flash drive allows you to streamline the lead qualification…

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Include Custom Flash Drive in a Set

While USB flash drives are small, pocket-sized devices that offer convenience in data sharing and information distribution, sometimes they need a little extra packaging in order to stand out among other promotional pieces. We have seen boxes, cases, folders, and envelopes that all hold USB drives in clever and impressive ways. However, sometimes it is…

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Rigid Setup Box for USB

This turned edge rigid setup box is a compact marketing tool that is meant to intrigue whomever receives it by providing them with a small token of appreciation…and by the way, there is a USB flash drive just for you with our name and information! In all seriousness, what a great way to promote your brand and…

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Make Tomorrow Special with Custom Flash

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it got us thinking- how could USB flash drives have anything to do with this romantic holiday? Even after much perusing, it was difficult to find even a few USBs that correlated with tomorrow. However, with such a huge push in the photography market, USB flash drives can be…

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Electronic Device Set Package

We found this packaging solution for artisan electronics on Packaging of the World. The entire set includes various useful devices as well as USB flash drives, which is what intrigued us to share with you on our USB Packaging blog. This intricate set is highly detailed and every element fits like a glove. By using a…

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