SanDisk Reveals USB-C Dual Drive

flashdrive portfolios

One the major purchases I made prior to studying abroad in 2006 was a brand new iBook. To transfer my music and files from my parent’s desktop, I bought the biggest flash drive Best Buy carried…and it wasn’t even one gigabyte. While the devices of a decade ago didn’t have a lot of space, they…

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3 Uses for Flash Drives this Holiday Season

holiday flash drives

Does it feel like Christmas is 9 days away? It should! The older I get the quicker it creeps up. All year I talk about what presents I’m going to get for whom, what holiday movies I’ll watch to get in the spirit, how much egg nog is medically acceptable to drink. Pretty typical. Holidays…

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The PowerPad Has Arrived

custom power banks

If you build it, we will package it. A few weeks back, we told you about the newest item in our custom lineup: the power bank. Well, they’re here and they’re spectacular. And now they have a packaging all their own. If you’re not sure what a power bank is, it’s a modular device–easy fit for…

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