Custom USB Drives Wishlist

custom usb toolkit and usb security

Like the song says, it takes different strokes to move the world. Especially when it comes to things of a personal nature, like custom USB drives.Oh, it might not seem like a personal thing. But our data is an intensely personal thing–or so it’s becoming in this day. We live in a time where the…

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Custom USB Drive Packaging Idea-Generating Tips

Custom USB drive packaging

Custom USB drive packaging should complement every scenario. Different industries have different needs, right?  All your collateral should work together to create a sense of a whole. As things like omni-channel marketing become, well, omnipresent, start to plan out how your business can capitalize on it. And jump on it early, before other organizations wake…

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Flash Memory Innovation Moves Into 3D

Flash memory moves into 3D (image from Intel)

Physical limitations are unavoidable. When it comes to technology, like our smartphones or tablets, there is only so much memory to pack into an area of silicon. As devices start to trend lighter and thinner (we won’t say smaller since phablets are a thing), the space is decreasing while the demand increases. It’s a perfect…

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