Power Bank Packaging

power bank packaging

The world runs on mobile. And whether you’re using Android or iOS, your charging needs are the same. It explains why power banks are one of the fastest growing markets out there today. As our devices–even beyond smartphones and tablets to cameras, laptops, etc.–require high battery support to run efficiently, the need to provide that…

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Portable Batteries Power Campuses

Ultimate USB drive

The battle for bandwidth has begun. On college campuses, at least. EdTech reports that many universities are working hard to meet the bandwidth needs on different campuses. With most students connecting at least two mobile devices to any given network, it’s no easy task. The flip side is finding ways to keep these devices powered…

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Custom Power Banks for the Holidays

custom power banks

My very first cell phone was a Nokia. As much as I loved my phone as a whole, I loved it even more once I got a cherry-red cover for it off of eBay.  Like anything, as tools become more ubiquitous, the desire to customize them grows. Anyone could have a cell phone, but a…

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Pokemon Go Power Bank Lures

Chances are, you’ve heard of Pokemon Go by now. And if you’re one of 33 million daily active users, you’re definitely aware of its battery-draining abilities. We even wrote about it shortly after the launch in July. At the time, information about the game was still be acquired by everyone, and we learned what was…

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A Promotional Power Bank Sends A Powerful Message

Promotional power bank

We live in a society that craves power. Not necessarily in the caveman, hierarchical sense (well, not overtly), but in an energy sense. In 2016 alone, the number of smartphones is expected to reach over 2 billion. Combined with the ‘always on’ culture that constant connectivity feeds, the need for power only grows. A promotional…

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