Memory Sticks For Additional Storage

memory sticks and university usb drives as promo packaging

When you step back and look at the past ten years in technology, the changes are staggering. And in no sphere more than when it comes to smartphone technology. From simply making calls to allowing people to take high definition photos and videos, the leaps and bounds in our ability to document life is amazing….

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External Storage Devices

external storage options

Not to date myself, but when I was preparing for my freshman year of college, the textbook and materials for my major included a zip disk. This was 2004, and USB drives were on the cusp of becoming mainstream. But at the time, a 250MB disk was considered a massive amount of external storage. How…

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Flashdrive Packaging & Your Brand

flashdrive packaging

The marketing department is rarely anyone’s favorite department for interactions. Whether you work in information technology, quality assurance, sales, and more, there’s usually a little tension between the marketers and the rest of the company. Simply search for ‘why do people hate marketing?’ and a plethora of reasons present themselves. This isn’t to cast a…

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Ultra Fast USB Drives: Which One Rules Them All?

Flashdrive marketing

Cloud and online data storage have a lot of advantages over ye olde USB drive. They’re accessible on multiple devices (like those without standard USB 3.0 ports). It’s easy enough to share or send information from them, and it’s kind of nice to not have to carry around *another* device, right? But there are also…

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USB Drives vs. Cloud Storage

Portable storage is very important to many businesses. There are two different ways of storing data, by USB drives or Cloud computing. Each device does remotely the same thing, but there are different pros and cons for both of them. Cloud computing is a network that your data is filed on. Since it is linked…

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Combination USB Packaging

The packaging solution shown here is a great way to combine different forms of media in one compact case. Similar setup to our Flashpad™, the die cut foam adhered to a turned edge flat with a scored spine. Cut into the foam is a cavity to hold both a USB flash drive and a disc….

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LaCie and Porsche USB

LaCie and Porsche design have come together to create a USB drive that excels in both storage and speed. A stylish accessory with scratch resistant casing, is a convenient and high end business tool. Software from LaCie adds extra security with encryption, and built-in cloud storage makes storing and sharing easy for the user.

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Flash Drive vs. Data Cloud

Cloud computing this, data storage that…It is hard to miss the ever-increasing buzz about cloud computing, and data storage infrastructure. Thanks to Google, DropBox, iDrive, Amazon, Microsoft and other cloud services, just about anyone can take advantage of this amazing tool. In case you have been living under a rock, the idea behind cloud data…

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USB 3.0: 2012 in Review

Since its introduction in 2008, the USB 3.0 has undergone several developments making it a noteworthy tool for all those in need of data storage. Here is a review of 2012 for the USB 3.0: This device gained official support from intel, finally being added to Intel’s 7 series chipsets to complement Ivy Bridge CPU…

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Flash Drives Enhance Education

  It has recently become more common than not that students of all grade levels use electronic devices for their scholarly responsibilities. Whether for writing a paper, taking an online quiz or even studying material, odds are they are doing this on a computer and need to back up their work. Nothing is more frustrating than…

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