Memory Sticks For Additional Storage

memory sticks and university usb drives as promo packaging

When you step back and look at the past ten years in technology, the changes are staggering. And in no sphere more than when it comes to smartphone technology. From simply making calls to allowing people to take high definition photos and videos, the leaps and bounds in our ability to document life is amazing….

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Flashdrive Packaging & Your Brand

flashdrive packaging

The marketing department is rarely anyone’s favorite department for interactions. Whether you work in information technology, quality assurance, sales, and more, there’s usually a little tension between the marketers and the rest of the company. Simply search for ‘why do people hate marketing?’ and a plethora of reasons present themselves. This isn’t to cast a…

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Custom Power Banks: Tips for Shopping

Ultimate USB drive

Custom power banks are swiftly becoming one of the most useful gifts out there. Paired with an ultra fast charging cable, they’re ideal for a quick charge on the go wherever you might be. With hacking and other nefarious activities on the rise and aided through unsecured public USB ports, it’s also the safer choice. When…

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Custom Power Banks & 2017 Market Trends

Solar custom Power Banks

If you have a smartphone, chances are you’ve encountered the dreaded Dead Zone (unless you have a stockpile of custom power banks, that is). It comes after the repeat warnings that your battery life is dwindling. Your device switches into low battery mode–shutting off extra services, dimming the screen, things, etc–but then it just powers…

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Safety First! Portable Power That Prevents Data Transfer

Power Banks are portable power sources

It’s a portable power worst-case scenario: you’re stranded somewhere with a dying mobile device, and the only option to power up is through plugging into a public USB port.Do you do it?If you said no, good job. If you said yes…well, there’s no time like the present to start being more cautious. Data theft is…

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Pokemon GO Power On-The-Go

When hunting pokemongo, don't forget your power on-the-go bank!

You’ve slogged through parking lots, meadows, and yards. You’re sweaty and tired, but you’re oh-so-close to the most elusive. Pikachu. You’re finally face-to-face with the yellow critter, and you wind up to strike when….your screen goes blank. Hours of Pokemon Go hunting have drained your battery, and there’s no chance for power on-the-go. Unless, of…

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Phone Charger + KFC = Watt-A-Box

KFC watt a box phone charger power bank

If you love your phone and deep-fried chicken, live/are traveling in India and forgot your phone charger…well, have we got something for you. It’s the latest in a line of interesting tech/fast food intersections (like the Pizza Hut robots). The limited edition ‘Watt-A-Box‘ includes a built-in mobile phone charger (Minnesota-based Sunrise does not make these)…

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Micro USB: Smart Phone Compatible

Micro USB connectors are used for devices smaller than a computer or laptop such as: digital cameras, smart phones, tablets, and so on. Released by the USB-IF in 2007, the micro USB connectors are the most widely used. Intended to replace its predecessor, the Mini plugs, the micro USB reduces the mechanical wear on the…

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Creative USB Accessories

USB flash drives are such an amazing tool for data management and transportation for both business and study. Since just about everybody uses or can find a use for them, they also serve as a great marketing giveaway. In this blog, I am always talking about creative ways businesses use them and how they contribute…

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USB Chargeable Touchpad Compatible for Windows 8

The use of touch sensitive devices is skyrocketing in popularity. The most recent system to hop on the techno bandwagon is Windows 8. Just in time for this, Logitech has released its flagship touchpad compatible with this system. Logitech’s new advancement the Touchpad T650 has different features than its predecessor. The T650 utilizes smooth fingerprint…

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