Sample Packaging Ideas

custom pads and sample packaging using our FlashPad

Like any proud parent, at Sunrise, we love each of our products equally. But we're especially proud of the more versatile products. The ones that, just when we think we've seen the breadth of their application, they turn around and surprise us yet again. That's the case with our FlashPad, which just made its debut for sample packaging.

We've created styles of our FlashPad for a multitude of purposes. Originally conceived as enhanced packaging for flash drives and USB drives, we quickly saw new frontiers for the product. Growing from digital devices to holding gift cards and credit cards to car fob packaging to market dealerships. And while we certainly market the Flash Pad as having an application in any market, we're excited to see this new use for it.

The FlashPad for Sample Packaging

Halcon Furniture creates workplace furniture at a high standard. Combined with a dedication to customer service, Sunrise saw the similarities in values and we knew this would be a great partnership. Not to mention that, as a fellow Minnesota-based company, we have a lot in common!

Halcon prides themselves on many of the same things Sunrise does. Creating well-designed and well-crafted products with an eye to innovation and a culture of quality... Well, it could belong in our mission statement just as easily. This partnership was about bringing that same culture to their sample packaging.

We took our standard FlashPad and wrapped with soft touch Nuba. So much of flooring is about touch and feel. We knew it was important that the sample packaging echo that emphasis.

As we've said before, it's best to engage as many senses as possible with packaging, meaning that it's not enough to just appeal to the tactile sense, we want it to look nice, too. Using a silver foilstamp, Halcon opted for simplicity. Just their name on the front, and website on the pack. This is a truly striking piece of packaging.

Sample Packaging For Your Organization

Halcon came to us with a need to share samples of their flooring. We responded with a product that provides safety and protection to the sample while enhancing their brand values. But lest you think that we only go this extra mile for fellow #madeinminnesota partners, we look for this dept with every client with which we work. Find out yourself and contact our team today.