Realtor Promotions with Flash Drives

realtyWhile flash drives are a marvelous marketing tool for just about any company providing goods or services, they can greatly add value to some specific business industries that have a specific need to fulfill. We bring up photographers quite a bit on this blog because they have such a niche market, and very narrow variety in how they deliver their final product. However, we have found the realtors can greatly benefit by promoting themselves and their agency with custom printed and pre-loaded USB flash drives. Represent the brand and organization that you work for while still adding a personal touch. After all, you need to sell yourself as well as the home that is on the market. Another great way to utilize these as promotional tools, is to have customized drives on hand and be able to load them as you go. Of course, every shopper and every seller will have unique needs, and you want to be able to tailor your presentation to them specifically! Pair your custom drives with a unique and professional Flashpad™ in order to give it shelf presence, and you will have your phone ringing off the hook with inquiries!