Promotional USB Drives & You

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Any regular conference attendee has one. It might be a drawer, or a random box under the desk, or a bag tucked away. It’s the home of random conference swag, filled with promotional USB drives,cheap sunglasses, stress balls and more. Mixed with the conference agenda or their name badge from the event. 

Whether you’re the one collecting the swag or gifting it, it’s important to know to whom to attribute the swag items. When attendees come home from the event, their level of excitement in pouring over their materials has probably dampened a bit. And their memory of which table they picked up this item, and with whom they had that conversation, has also lessened. This is why it’s incredibly important to make sure that all your materials are properly branded.

Branding Promotional USB Drives and More

We really can’t undersell the importance of branding on promotional items. Sometimes it can be enticing to choose conference swag that utilizes interesting colors or patterns. Especially when they aren’t in your color palette. Hands up if you’ve been bored to tears looking at your organizations same color scheme, day in and day out. Promotional usb drives

But there are people who don’t know your color scheme. Or your brand. And these are the people with whom you need to engage. And get to remember your name. 

Utilizing your branding on promotional USB drives is a great way to build that recognition. As an object with everyday value (yes, the cloud is great, but not when the wifi is sketchy), it’s sure to find a home in a frequently-accessed spot. This means that–with appropriate branding–that promotional flashdrive will do its job long after the event ends. 

Promo USB drives can be customized in a variety of ways. You can order personalized flash drives that match your organization. Like a key-shaped USB stick for a dealership. Or a wrench for a tool supplier. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to ideas for customized flash drives.

And even if you choose an interesting flashdrive that doesn’t lend itself easily to branding due to shape or material, Sunrise Packaging has you covered. Literally. With our FlashPad and FlashPad Wallet line of products. These pieces of customized packaging are created to fit every project as needed. This ensures that your unique USB drives aren’t left out to dry. It also gives you a surface for extra marketing content, like social channel handles, business contacts, and more. 

Utilize Our Expertise

With decades in the packaging business, we’ve definitely visited a conference or two, and have a wealth of experience we can share with you to ensure that your product will serve your needs. Talk to a representative today!