Personalized Power Banks


While custom flash drives may be the better business card, you can't beat a promotional power bank as the epitome of the practical giveaway.

While most tradeshow loot and convention SWAG is mostly just flashy novelties, the power bank actual gives a needed resource to its recipient—more power—and it can do so on the spot!


Custom PowerBanks

PowerBanks Plugin


Unlike flash drives that get the most use post-expo, a power bank can be an instant lifesaver for folks powering through a long, multiple-day convention.

When a cell phone or smart device goes dead, it's no laughing matter. Especially when you're stuck at a long trade show across town from your hotel.

Offering your clients a fully-charged power bank as a giveaway doesn't just give their phone more juice, it gives them the luxury of more time. Freedom from waiting next to the wall outlet for a full battery.


Custom power banks are available in a range of stylish varieties. Much like a flash drive, these pocket-sized devices can be personalized with your name, business logo, and, most importantly, your contact information. Imagine someone walking around an unfamiliar convention hall or part of town, phone about to die, and they plug into a ready-to-go power bank emblazoned with your business. Imagine the gratitude they'll have. Now imagine how many times a week they'll see your name or company during their work day.

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