FlashPad™ Wallet



Easy on the Pocket

Introducing the latest member of the FlashPad™ family—the FlashPad™ Wallet. Like its predecessor, the Wallet has all the best features of our customized pads but with a pocket-sized twist.

What's In?

Turned Edges

turned edges

A hallmark of value, turned edges give the FlashPad™ Wallet its booklike quality.

Digital Print


Crisp colors accentuated by luxurious lamination sets the FlashPad™ line apart.

Rigid Design


Chipboard covers add stability and value at the same time. Personalized and protected.

keyWhat’s Out?

Foam Padding

While the foam padding of the original FlashPad™ is great for holding standard and custom-shaped flash drives, the Wallet features a custom cavity die cut directly into the chipboard—saving room for more graphic design. Perfect for slim flash drives, FlashPad™ Wallet also holds gift cards, key cards, and credit cards.

What’s New?

Design Options

Available as either a bifold or trifold, the FlashPad™ Wallet features a surprisingly large expanse of customizable space. A unique opening and more room for personalization. Include an index for your flash drive, links to websites, social media, and contact info without sacrificing graphics.


The Perfect Fit For

Housing and Real Estate
New Employee Orientation
College Admissions
Software Developers
Banks and Lenders
Hotel Front Desk
Gift Card Holders
Corporate Thank Yous


Discover Just How Much Big Comes in Small Packages

Go from forgettable to memorable. Use the near infinite storage space of a flash drive paired with the pocket-sized marketing power of the FlashPad™ Wallet as the kickoff to a new product, promotion, or app.