Custom USB Packaging

A Unique Facility for Unique Solutions

As a custom packaging manufacturer, Sunrise Packaging has created unique solutions for a variety of products, all adding to our stunning collection of presentation packaging. Our unique facility, with state-of-the-art tooling and specialty machinery, has created custom boxes and binders with the aid of thermoformed plastic, digital print, textured wraps, embossing, foil stamping, silkscreening, and, our specialty, turned edges. For products large and small, upscale luxury packaging continues to be the deciding factor in the retail arena as well as standing out at trade shows and conventions.  Now we've brought  our tricks of the trade to custom USB packaging.

Kenneth Cole Custom USB Packaging

Turned Edge Manufacturing


TURNED EDGE MANUFACTURING is the process of wrapping a desired thickness of chipboard with a customized wrap material. With this method, we make boxes, binders, and flats that can add a polished look to any flash drive packaging project. Imagine a hardcover book versus a paperback. In the hands of a potential client, a turned edge finish can up the status of any packaging product by adding finesse and intricate detail.

USB Packaging That is Truly Custom

Sunrise Packaging creates compact, sharp-looking USB cases for easy transport, as well as unique custom USB cases like our popular FlashPad™. When it comes to custom USB packaging, Sunrise has the manufacturing capabilities to create custom presentation packaging for USB drives as well as adding other assets to a project. Let us create a custom USB drive case to hold additional media and inserts. Include discs, booklets, and a variety of other promotional items with a friction-fit thermoformed cavity or a crisp, protective foam tray.

University of Nebraska Omaha

St Leo FlashPad Kit

Custom Kitting

WITH SUNRISE PACKAGING'S SPECIALTY KITTING, packaging USB drives is just the start. As part of a sales kit, giveaway package, or launch kit, a personalized USB drive can give any business a boost in exposure. Whether it's a startup business or a time-honored corporation, every organization benefits from the crisp, high-end presentation of custom made USB packaging.

CONTACT Sunrise Packaging today to get started on your next custom USB packaging project. Request a quote for our FlashPad™ or a custom box and we will get in touch with you asap!