The PowerPad Has Arrived

custom power banks

If you build it, we will package it.

A few weeks back, we told you about the newest item in our custom lineup: the power bank. Well, they’re here and they’re spectacular. And now they have a packaging all their own.

If you’re not sure what a power bank is, it’s a modular device–easy fit for a pocket or purse–the holds one or more battery charges. Banks it up, if you will. You charge it at home like you would any USB-powered device and it stores the juice until you need it. That way, when you’re out and about and you need to snap more pics, take more video, Facetime with family, or need that precious energy-guzzling GPS, you can feel free to use it knowing you have an extra charge on deck.

Power banks also make an awesome promotional item. As a giveaway at your company’s booth at a tradeshow, or perhaps a sponsor door prize. Why? For starters, because they are cool. Tech gadgets always trump any pens or keychains at a convention. They give potential clients a valuable, reusable gift–and, when personalized, a daily reminder of your business. Short of stamping your contact info on their actual cell phone, a power bank is the next best thing.

Unfortunately, power banks only store energy, not data. For that, a custom flash drive is still the better business card. But if you’re just looking to give a promotional gift, a power bank can’t be beat. And if you pair it with a PowerPad, you get the best of both worlds.

What’s a PowerPad you ask?

Custom-promotional-Power-PadOnly the sharpest looking power bank packaging on the market. Looking like a hardcover bestseller, a PowerPad opens like a book, revealing a customized power bank cleanly nestled in professionally pristine foam. Our custom pads get opened, and are much more intriguing than a pamphlet. And you can personalize the PowerPad too. Add your logo or your mission statement, sales statistics or product images–all in high definition digital print. Or go for the more subtle, luxury approach and simply opt for your logo to be foil stamped into the cover. Let them come looking for you. How very ‘secret agent’ of you.

Whichever route you go, the PowerPad can really complement a custom power bank. Instead of just grabbing plastic-wrapped power banks out of a bucket and handing them out like it’s Halloween, make each one into an elegant gift. Let the PowerPad do the talking, and let the power bank remind them who to thank when the time comes.

Let’s see a keychain do that, huh?