Power Bank Packaging

power bank packaging

The world runs on mobile. And whether you’re using Android or iOS, your charging needs are the same. It explains why power banks are one of the fastest growing markets out there today. As our devices–even beyond smartphones and tablets to cameras, laptops, etc.–require high battery support to run efficiently, the need to provide that power increases. It’s no wonder that power banks are an increasingly popular giveaway at conferences and as part of promo kits or welcome boxes. Just don’t let power bank packaging fall by the wayside. 

Strategies Around Power Bank Packaging

Custom power bank packaging is a style of packaging that creates a platform for your organization. While customized external batteries can provide limited surface for marketing, full on packaging gives you the chance to expound upon your business proposition. Custom Coast Box with Power Bank packaging safety

At Sunrise, we start with our FlashPad and turn it into a PowerPad.  Both of these custom pads allow for high levels of customization and personalization. Our first foray into USB packaging makes a great base for power bank packaging not only due to the similarities between the products. However, while personalized flash drives can hold media, power banks cannot. That’s what makes power bank packaging even more important.

This style of packaging gives organizations room to share their information beyond what fits on a single custom power bank. Different organizations can take different approaches. In the example above, Coast employes a simple design using striking elements to make an impact. Other organizations include their contact information, brand, tagline, and more. 

When it comes to customizing your own packaging for power banks, consider the intent and purpose of the item. If you’re gifting these power banks to existing customers, create an experience akin to a present. If this is intended for prospective customers, they definitely need to know more about contact methods and your business as a whole. 

The Design is in the Details

No matter what your objective is, customization is the final cherry on top for these products. Cover materials can come in different forms from paper to cloth to leather to alligator skin. On top of that, add in some foil stamping (by far the most popular lately) or embossing. Talk to a representative today to find out more about all the levels of customization possible with power bank packaging!