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Photographer Branding Ideas

As a photographer, you’re all about finding the right opportunity. The right light, the right moment, it all rests on not only recognizing the moment when it comes up, but taking advantage of the opportunity. Photographer branding has some similar lessons. The opportunities aren’t quite as fleeting as they might as, say, photographing three smiling toddlers at once, but it still calls on you to recognize the advantages. 

Branding for photographers is more than just a cool logo and innovative color palette. It’s your perspective and your persona. Finding ways to resonate with clients on platforms like Instagram and your website, and carrying that through the project itself. One great way to ensure that you leave clients on a high note is sharing your work with them in a beautifully-branded, custom-packaged USB drive. 

USB Drives: The Perfect Photographer Branding Opportunity

Whether your focus is on wedding photography, modeling gigs, corporate head shots, whatever, your clients are MOST excited to see the end result. Flipping through photos in an album is long past, and simply emailing a link to a digital photo book is… A little lacking in impact. Plus it robs you of a chance to make a final great impression. 

Memorable USB Packaging Brandingphotographer branding

We’re willing to bet that you have spent a lot of time building a brand. Colors, logo, design aesthetic… It’s part and parcel of being a freelance photographer in these days, right? It’s part of what drew your client to your business in the first place.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to remind them of that with custom flashdrive cases that utilize your hard branding work as well as provide a handy material for referrals. Make sure to include your contact information on the packaging, or at least your website and social media handles!

And when it comes to choosing the right materials, we’ve got the right stuff. You can choose from straight up custom boxes, with magnetic closure and custom inserts, or apply your photographer branding aesthetic to the FlashPad or FlashPad Wallet.  Your brand, your choice. 

The best part is that, no matter which option you choose as a starting point, both are highly customize-able. From silk screening to foil stamping, we’ll help your brand shine. 

A Unique Brand Deserves a Unique Approach

It’s a strange thing, but as a small business owner/freelancer, we know that it’s easy to be caught up in your work to the point of neglecting your own marketing pieces. Your own website might be the last to be updated, your own head shot the last one to be touched up. Make a point to take advantage of this photographer branding opportunity.  Get in touch to learn more!