Pen Drive Packaging For Enhanced Convenience

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There's something supremely satisfying about a good partnership. Whether it's a marriage, a partnership, friendship, whatever kind '-ship' with which you want to label it. Maybe it's because they complement each other in some way, like sweet caramel and savory sea salt. Or they're such seemingly polar opposites that part of the interest stems from that kind of odd alliance. Opposites attract. That might explain some of the excitement over a new kind of custom USB drive: the pen drive. It combines the functionality of a flashdrive with that of an ink pen. It's a great way to appeal to a disparate mass of people, and pen drive packaging is just the next logical step.

Like Peas & Carrots

Finding two things that go together well is something which science can't always predict. Intuition is a better judge of subtle interplay between elements. When it comes to pen drives, the benefits are plentiful and work together. Both elements are handy for working professionals. The pen attracts those who prefer to write notes. The USB stick portion is ideal for those who prefer to type and share that way. But the partnership goes deeper than that. 

Pen drive packaging options

The audiences for the pen drive aren't mutually exclusive. While some might be drawn to one part of the instrument over the other, both work to ingratiate the audience. Someone who might not normally want to use a flashdrive might do so since they literally have it in hand. On the other end of the spectrum, someone who doesn't always carry a pen (of which I attest to being guilty) will now have one at the ready.

Additionally, the pen drive is a great tool to have in meetings. If someone is sharing information or a presentation, rather than take notes, they could save it to your drive. Or if you're presenting and someone asks a question on which you need to follow up, you have a pen handy to write it down. 

Pen Drive Packaging Options

The pen drive offers a limited amount of real estate for organizations wishing to use this item in a giveaway capacity. That's where packaging becomes important. Don't sacrifice your investment by simply hoping that someone will read the web address or phone number on the pen drive itself. Pen drive packaging options, like the FlashPad, offer protection for the device as well as a platform for your brand. Integrate logos, text, images, or other graphics onto your packaging to enhance messaging and inspire action. Other custom USB packaging options exist as well, including full custom boxes, but the FlashPad provides the best bang for your buck.  Think of it as a kind of third partner to the pen drive's custom USB drive / ink pen combo.

What are your thoughts on the pen drive? Functional and useful, or too far of a stretch to be effective?