Out of the Box Packaging Ideas

packaging ideas

Idea generation can find inspiration from any source. Some of our favorite packaging ideas come from repurposing products from their originally intended purpose. Like our FlashPad. When we came up with this concept, the idea was focused on USB drives. And while we still see a demand for flashdrive packaging, we've been able to leverage this product into new territory. 

From car dealership marketing to financial planner information to realtor thank yous, the FlashPad has taken on a life of it's own. Here are some of the ways our widely-varied customers have implemented their packaging ideas with the FlashPad.

Packaging Ideas Across Industries

  • Education
    Higher education is an industry which has utilized FlashPads for multiple uses. From the beginning of a student's journey as an acceptance letter through a virtual new student orientation and beyond, FlashPads and USB drives are useful for students. After their initial use, students can use their flashdrives to transfer documents, share photos and more.
  • Financial services
    Various financial industries have used FlashPads to welcome new clients and share important paperwork. Additionally, they make great 'Welcome' or 'Thank you' gift card holders as well!
  • Car dealerships
    What's the best part of buying a new car? Driving off the lot, of course! So great that it's easy to forget where you placed that extra key. That is, until dealerships began using FlashPads to keep the new sale momentum going.
  • Music
    As more and more computers are manufactured without CD drives, it's become harder and harder to give customers the same experience as the past. Album art, liner notes, and the experience of holding something tangible can still be achieved with the FlashPad.

We're confident that we haven't even scratched the surface of possibilities with the FlashPad. The potential for the product lies in your imagination. Tap into the potential of the FlashPad. Call Sunrise Packaging ASAP!