NFL Packaging: Sunrise Drafts The Top Features

NFL packaging

With the 2018 NFL draft in the books, football fans are already heatedly discussing the upcoming season. Which teams chose wisely? Which ones are going to need to shore up areas? Interestingly enough, when it comes to NFL packaging, we have similar discussions at Sunrise Packaging. 

Well, our discussions aren’t circulating around multi-million contracts in an injury-prone atmosphere. We’re just talking about the best features and details that go into the custom boxes we’ve created for professional sports teams. From magnetic boxes to gate fold to soft wrap to silver embellishment, here are some of the most effective features we’ve used on custom packaging solutions. 

NFL Packaging Features We Stand By

When it comes to NFL packaging, or sports packaging in general, we know that there are always specific qualities that a team wants to enhance. Sometimes it’s ferocity; other times it might be nostalgia. It depends on the project and the audience. That said, we’ve used our FlashPad for several packaging projects, and it works for nearly any emotion you want to inspire in your audience.

Personalized Wrapping


The wrapping, the outer layer of your packaging, should echo your brand. We’ve seen a few great approaches to this. Some, like a project we did for our hometown Minnesota Vikings, used the color purple in abundance. From Prince to the Vikes, purple is a color that resonates heavily with the Minnesota audience. But another project for the Carolina Panthers used a matte black wrap, with their iconic panther illuminated in silver and blue foil. 

In the end, it comes down to impact which you want to make. Using lots of color tends to rev up the fanbase more. Using off-palate colors or neutrals, like black or white for a background, can give a stately pop to your projects. 

Custom Inserts

What’s going inside this package? FlashPads can be customized to hold a variety of things, from business cards, gift cards, USB drives, medallions, lanyards, pens and more. These inserts are made-to-fit, meaning that each one is created solely for your project. 

In the Minnesota Vikings example, you can see several different spots for branded items to be included. We’re fans, just like the people receiving these items. Sunrise takes care to ensure that every product we craft isn’t just high quality, but that it will surely elicit the desired response. 

FlashPads for NFL Packaging

One of the best features of FlashPads? They can have a pretty quick turnaround time, depending on your needs. Contact Sunrise today to find out just how malleable this packaging style can be!