New Year, New Strategy


Let’s talk, Business Owner. Can I call you BO?

BO, it’s the end of 2015. So…how’d it go? Did you see profits increase? Did your name get out there? Viral marketing and all that? Did you hit the trade show floor running?

What was the hot strategy this year?

And, most importantly: did it work?

Here’s why I ask. 2016 is here. Resolution o’clock, right? Me, I’m giving up cheese. What about you, BO? What are you giving up? If I can make a suggestion, why not give up something that’s not working for your business?

So what’s not working? Business cards, huh? Well, they are just scraps of paper at the end of the day. Admittedly, I like the design space of the business card. Your name, your logo. Classic. But you glance over them too easily. Sort of like the ketchup bottle at the restaurant table. It’s become so standard, you don’t even see it. And how can you cram all your capabilities onto a piece of paper? How can it really represent what you do? Is a potential client really supposed to remember you based on your name and number alone? So you try to stuff more onto it. “#1 Photographer” or “Your Handy Dandy One Stop Shop for All Things Pop” and pretty soon you just have a brick wall of text.

So you upgraded to a pamphlet? You got to add an info graphic, maybe a couple photos from the Christmas party, a few blurbs about what you do. But come on, BO. You’ve picked up a pamphlet before. What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

What’s the best way to stifle this yawn?

It does the job, but it still ends up where all the other pamphlets end up. Filed under T. For Trash. What else you got?

A pen? Classy. Everybody needs a pen. And you can still put your contact info on it. In fact, if I hold it at juuuuuust the right angle, I can almost see your name and number at the same time. The pen is handy, but you’re back to square one–all it tells me about your expertise is that you know how to shop at the pen store. So what else?

A novelty whistle? Seriously? I’m not even going to touch that one.

BO, let me steer this one back onto the idea freeway if I may. It’s time to put those old habits to rest. It’s 2016! What if I told you there’s a way to pack all those aforementioned punches into one bold marketing tool? Yes, even the whistle.

Behold the promotional USB flash drive.

This baby has everything you need. Ample storage space. Sleek, aerodynamic shape. You can get plenty of mileage out of one of these.

business_card_flash_drive_marketing_strategyOkay, BO, car metaphors aside, let me tell you why the flash drive is going to rock your world. First off, it has just as much personalization room as a business card. In fact, you can even get a flash drive that looks like a business card. Or have a flash drive that looks like a replica of your delivery truck! Or your precious whistle! (Seriously, can’t you let that go?)

Anyway, the best part about the flash drive is that you can load it up with everything you want to pass along to your clients. You don’t have to pick and choose names, numbers, blurbs, and images. Your customized thumbdrive will hold it all. Plus, you can put more interactive info on it. Videos, mp3s, links, PDF documents, contracts. Don’t just tell them about your new software, show them with a demo! They’ll listen because you’re also giving them a sweet gift. Memorable, reusable. How reusable is a business card? I hear it’s good for gum disposal.

But you’re still holding onto that pamphlet idea. I can see it in your eyes, BO.

customized flash drive catalogLook, if you really want something with extra visuals, something you can open like a book and carry around, then pair your promotional flash drives with custom USB packaging. The FlashPad acts as both a vessel of distribution and storage, while also providing a valuable aesthetic presentation. Imagine a fine, hardcover book, inlaid with foam, holding a flash drive filled to the brim with your preloaded data. Now that’s a promotion!

Point is, Business Owner, make 2016 a year of new. Enough with that stuffy, old strategy. This year, let’s really make your name stick.