Curiosity Cached the Cat: New Flash Drive Experiment Might Surprise You

If you’ve ever doubted the allure of flash drives, then have we got news for you.

In a story picked up by one of the Internet’s top tech sites, ZDNet, a new flash drive experiment found that nearly 1 in 5 people plugged in and explored a USB flash drive….that they found on the ground.

That’s right, the “study” concluded that about 17% of people would pick up a found flash drive and open it on their computers. ZDNet’s article–and the researchers–cast a negative light on this, security being the main topic. Granted, it’s probably unwise to use a discarded flash drive you find on the ground in a high-traffic area of a major city, but isn’t that true for just about anything?

Looking at it from another angle, one could marvel at the curiosity factor of a flash drive. What’s on it? Where does it lead? The draw is so powerful that people will even risk the security of their devices to know what’s on it!

Even the article admits that the threat level is pretty innocuous, not to mention that the average OS acts as a buffer between autoplaying threats. So how did the flash drive experiment conclude the subjects were interacting with the found flash drives? The subjects were actually responding to emails and clicking links on their own. Curiosity and the cat, right?

Undoubtedly, flash drives have a certain pull. Marketing experts know this, which is why flash drives make such an impact as giveaways at trade shows and conventions. Set aside the fact that the devices themselves can store almost anything, offering a personalized flash drive from your business almost guarantees it gets opened.

Know what else gets opened? The FlashPad.

custom flash drive packaging_flashpad packaging for personalized flash drives

Customized flash drive packaging is the perfect way to prepare your USB drive for distribution. Unlike those random devices left out for the experiment, your USB drive can be personalized for your organization. That personalization can be matched by the book-like flash pad. And much like the curiosity powers of a flash drive, the FlashPad just has to be opened. The greatest asset to a custom loaded flash drive is that it allows you as a business owner to include infinitely more info about your product or company, but at the expense of on-the-spot visuals and informational blurbs. Custom flash drive packaging can give that back, offering a flash drive and plenty of visual real estate to catch the eye. It’s the short game and the long game all in one! Not to mention that the matching drive and “book box” will take the mystery out of what your potential client is plugging into their computer.

This is your chance to use a custom flash drive for good instead of evil. You can’t deny the draw of a flash drive, so just go through the right channels to make it a viable option for your business.

(For the record, that’s us!)