Music Packaging with USB Drives

music packaging

While it may seem harder than ever to get noticed in the music industry these days, it is possible to break through the noise. Give your audience something unique. Original.  And they'll repay you with their respect and admiration. One way to do this is create truly innovative music packaging with USB drives.

CDs might provide the best bang for your buck, but let's be honest. They hardly provide an impact. Not to mention fewer and fewer cars and laptops even come with CD drives anymore. USB drives provide the best way to make your music accessible and shareable (well, depending on how you load the drive). 

If you're worried that your creativity will be stripped down by using a device instead of a disc, let us put those concerns to rest.  We recently completed a project for Prism Music that is truly unique. 

Creating Unique Music Packaging

The music packaging we designed for Prism Music is actually a custom foam pad. The top is digitally printed to look like wood, matching the wooden flash drives inside. Topped off with soft touch lamination, and this is packaging that surprises users time and time again. 

But why use custom USB drives?

In addition to the reasons cited above, USB drives can be emblematic of your message. You can order USB drives that are wooden, like the example, to ones that look like cartoon characters (we recommend steering clear of anything too gimmicky, though). Choose personalized USB drives that works with your brand, your sound, your style. 

Another great option is that flashdrives have massive amounts of storage (in comparison to CDs). An average album should come in at less than a gigabyte. On a USB drive, you could share CD-quality tracks as well as higher-resolution tracks for true connoisseurs. 

Users can rip the music and then keep the flashdrive for personal use. Make sure to brand the USB sticks with your band name and/or logo; it's a way to market. 

While USB drives might be a no-brainer choice at this point, you can flex your creativity with us when it comes to designing music packaging for your USB drives. We can use a variety of techniques, from digital printing and lamination to foil stamping and beyond to make your packaging sing. 

Music Packaging for the Ages

How many hours have you dedicated to your music? Practicing your instrument. Writing songs. Playing shows. You deserve to house your music in something that your fans will value, that speaks to the hours you've devoted to your craft. Contact Sunrise today to make something special.

Also, apologies for all the music puns. Sometimes, it's just too hard to resist!