Music Packaging: Staying Relevant in the Market

music packaging

We've written a lot about the different reasons to love Minnesota (even though it's a little harder now as we endure multiple days in subzero temperature). But one of the biggest is our local music scene. Yes, we've given the world Prince, Atmosphere, and Hüsker Dü (just to name a few). But Minnesota fosters a lively local scene--the second in the country, actually, according to Livability--and Sunrise Packaging is proud to help out by providing innovative music packaging solutions to local and international artists. 

The magic of album art is returning in a big way with the rise of LPs. It's a trend that makes music packaging important in a new way. But it's not the only way in which culture should influence your marketing and branding kits. 

Keeping pace with culture and how it affects marketing isn't an easy thing, particularly when you're a musician working with a low overhead and a team of... Well, maybe just one. And when you want to focus more on your music, securing gigs, and everything other than on your marketing efforts. 

To help you out, Marketing Profs has some great tips on how to stay trend-relevant in this fluctuating world. 

Trends in Music Packaging and Branding

To make the most of your time and energy, it's important to understand cultural trends. Follow these tips to give yourself a leg up and inform marketing and artistic decisions, like music packaging. 

1. Know your audience

Understanding the people who like your sound probably isn't a surprise suggestion. Knowing why your audience appreciates your sound and work leads you to understand their interests, their passions, their expectations. Use this knowledge to be more strategic in your marketing and developing a cultural attitude. 

2. Create messaging that stands for something

While most of your creative energy goes toward writing music, put some of that muscle into your branding as well. Is it enough to create posters that basically say 'Come See Me?' Or are there words that pack a punch for your audience? A song lyric with which they'll identify? Make clear, consistent, and creative. 

3. Use visuals

When it comes to music, you paint with tones, sounds and maybe words. Create visuals on your music packaging that reinforce your musical messaging. Finding ways to cross mediums is a great way to inspire and engage an audience. 

Ideas for Music Packaging

From FlashPads to custom boxes, Sunrise Packaging can help create the perfect complement to your sound. Contact us today for a quote and to start designing!