Minnesota Packaging Aesthetics

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Minnesota has taken on a new identity in recent years. Long know for somewhat less distinguished characteristics--cold winters, lots of lakes, and "Fargo" accents chief among them--Minnesota has effectively rebranded as "The North." Many organizations have embraced this, from Minnesota-made shoes to Minnesota packaging, but what does it really mean?

As the Wall Street Journal notes, the Midwest has become little more than a catch-all for the areas between the coasts. It's not the Rust Belt, it's not the Plains. Lacking any other unifying characteristics, it seems like someone decided that Minnesota should secede from the Midwest and become The North.  Longstanding brands, like Red Wing Shoes and Faribault Woolen Mill are setting the tone. So are the plethora of microbreweries and distilleries popping up.  It's hardly an organized campaign. It's a grassroots movement that is better understood than explained. But as a Minnesota-based company, Sunrise Packaging embodies some of these "North" characteristics. 

Branding "The North" & Minnesota Packaging

So what characteristics define The North from the other "flyover states?"

Ingenuity & Innovation

One of Minnesota's most notable characteristics is its weather. Specifically, the cold.  Minnesota winters are some of the coldest in the country, along with the snowiest.

Minnesota packaging

But northern climes, like Denmark, are known for creative ingenuity (hey, when it's cold, what else there to do than think of interesting things)? For us, we bring innovative solutions to every request. Our facilities are equipped to create custom flashdrive packaging. We designed one of the most popular styles of USB packaging in our Flashpads


Minnesota-made products are typically synonymous with hardy, well-made items, and Sunrise packages are no exception. We make things that last. Whether it's a sweltering summer or a below-zero winter, we use materials that will meet your needs as well as any structural needs to keep custom USB drive safe.  Minnesota packaging at its finest - and most indestructible. 

Minnesota Nice

Some people might try to tell you that *Minnesota Nice* is just code for passive aggressive. We can't speak for all Minnesotans on that one. But we can say that our employees are dedicated to helping you work through every step of your project to make sure that the budget, design and delivery are all coordinated within your specifications. Is that Minnesota Nice? To us, it's just business. 


L'Etoile Du Nord

"The Star of the North" has a proud heritage. When it's cold, we dress warmer, and when a job needs to get done, we get it done. Minnesota's Sunrise Packaging is just another facet of that. Not only are we distinguished from the rest of the Midwest, but from industry competition as well. Contact us today to bring the ingenuity of The North to your next project.