Minnesota Based Innovative Packages

Design and function are the crossroads that meet at packaging. And innovative packages are just one effect of this meeting. 

We might not always think of the packaging when we think of a product. But, after closer inspection, the truth is that packaging enriches just about every interaction we have with products. At least, it should do that. 

Inspirational, Innovative Packages

Innovative packaging styles take inspiration from a variety of sources. But like we said above, the key things are finding ways to enrich the overall experience of the product. Depending on how an organization looks at it, investing in packaging will sell a product--and creating packaging that's fun, and not lame, is sure to increase business.  It can also enhance an understanding of a service or product, like this recent collaboration. 

In the example to the side, we worked with Mako Genomics to take our FlashPads and turn them into a "lifetime of information." These FlashPads hold a USB drive loaded with genetic testing results. The digital printed, gloss laminated FlashPad gives a bit of structure to the plain drive, as well as space for the design aesthetic to shine. It's design and function, all in one.

Bringing Forward Thinking to Packaging

In addition to being an example of innovation, we love that this makes the results paperless as well. From not just an environmental standpoint, reducing waste has a physical and mental component. The physical is obvious; the mental aspect is clutter that obstructs your vision, concentration, and more. It's that enrichment component at work. 

There are a million ways in which packaging can enrich a product's experience. Talk to our team at Sunrise to come up with a packaging strategy that is bound to sell!