Memory Sticks For Additional Storage

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When you step back and look at the past ten years in technology, the changes are staggering. And in no sphere more than when it comes to smartphone technology. From simply making calls to allowing people to take high definition photos and videos, the leaps and bounds in our ability to document life is amazing. However, all of this documentation comes at a price. And that price is usually at the expense of our device storage. Cloud options can alleviate the pain for a while. But when it comes down to it, memory sticks are still a great option for storing your data. 

Many organizations allow you to use cloud storage – up to a point. And once you move past that point, it’s hard to get out of the habit of paying for your data storage. However, memory sticks are an ideal way to not just store information, but move it securely from a smartphone to a computer or other storage device. 

Memory Sticks & Your Device

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Memory sticks offer convenience and security to users. We’ve all heard stories about less-than-secure cloud data banks being hacked, sometimes through lax security on the user or the facility’s end. However, at the end of the day, a USB drive can be encrypted and secured by the user to ensure that the information it holds is safe and secure. 

Apologies to Apple users… While some options do exist for iPhones to connect to USB drives, it requires a little more technical expertise and equipment than simply plug-and-play. For Android users, it varies from device to device as well, but using a compatible USB drive is usually enough to identify the device on your phone as a storage option. Or some USB drives, like SanDisk, have an app that can be used as well. Simply move the files you want onto the device, disconnect, and move to your computer or share as you wish.

Consider Dual Drive Compatibility

A dual drive can enhance connectivity if your devices don’t use the same type of USB ports. Going this route can also save money in the future if you plan to upgrade to a device with USB C, for example. 

Dual drive memory sticks are a great option for users. Whichever devices you wish to pursue, Sunrise Packaging can help advise and procure your customized flashdrives. As well as help determine if a certain style of packaging would be helpful as well. 

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