Marketing for Dental Offices

marketing for dental offices

Dental patient marketing is a must for any practice. There are some services that are simply interchangeable; for example, how much do you really care who changes the oil on your car? Can you tell the difference between Valvoline, Jiffy Lube, or anyone else? It might not quite the same when it comes to dental cleanings. But when there are hundreds of choices out there, marketing for dental offices can make or break where potential clients choose to go. 

And that isn't just referring to new business. Current clients can also be affected by marketing practices and, hopefully, persuaded to keep their business with you. There are plenty of ways in which a dental office can spend their marketing budget, but just a few ways that will really help attract and retain clients. Here are a few ideas

Promotional Marketing for Dental Offices

When you're thinking of potential promos for your office, it's good to think in multiple layers. From digital to hyper-local to physical materials, opportunities exist everywhere. 

Look Around the Community

Engaging with the local community is a great way to heighten business. If your practice is in Minnesota, chances are you don't want to spend any part of your marketing budget advertising in Texas. Look for chances to sponsor local teams, or table at some local event. Make sure that you have ample collateral to share with potential customers as well, like the promo pieces in the example to the side. 

Examine Your Digital Strategy

How easy is it for someone to find your business on Google? 

Can they make an appointment or contact your office easily?

What about the basics: are they able to find your operating hours with minimal work?

Ask a few people whom you trust for honest feedback to perform the top tasks you want customers to do online. Take their feedback and use it to enhance your digital presence. While you're at it, revisit your Google Adwords (or, if you aren't leveraging this tool, look into it). 

Look into Content Marketing

Content marketing has a variety of approaches. Content marketing for dental offices probably includes things like newsletters, appointment reminders, and promo marketing kits, to name a few. This approach focuses on crafting a consistent message that vibes with your tone and brand. It makes things feel seamless and effortless, instilling confidence in your audience. 

Crafting Dental Patient Marketing Collateral

Sunrise Packaging has experience in assisting with these kinds of marketing campaigns. We have created promo marketing materials, like the FlashPads pictured, for business promotions in a variety of industries. These items are proven to improve business recognition and customers love them. Contact our team for more examples and to see how Sunrise Packaging can help your business grow!