Marketing for Car Dealerships

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The Internet has revolutionized effective marketing for car dealerships. 

Consumers have unlimited options at their fingertips. Before, a shopper would have some resources, but really need to scour ads, talk to friends and family, and do some research before stopping by a car lot to talk with a salesman. Nowadays, anything we want–cars included–is just a Google search away. 

Cutting through all the noise of advertising is a challenge for any organization. For car dealerships, demand is driven not just by supply, but also by what options your supply happens to have, including color, features, and more. But one way to target customers is to cultivate repeat business, and word-of-mouth positivity.

Community engagement is rewarding on multiple levels. One of our newest products aims to create that momentum from the moment your customer takes the keys. 

The FobPad: The Latest Tool for Marketing for Car Dealerships

What’s the most exciting moment of buying a car? Definitely the moment you get the keys in your palm, right? key fob packaging marketing for car dealerships

But what happens to the spare key fob?

It gets dropped in a pocket, an envelope… Essentially, it gets forgotten about. And to us at Sunrise Packaging, that’s a missed opportunity. We took our FlashPad and created custom-molded cavities to encapsulate a fob. In the example, you can see the layout of the insert, with space for business card underneath. Or a gas card. Or a gift card. Whatever additional items your car dealer hands out with purchases. 

Using this custom packaging for your marketing for car dealerships ensures that the customer won’t forget about this spare key fob. It’s an attractive piece that calls attention to it. Not to mention a prominent marketing piece for your car dealership. 

Sunrise can customize this FobPad in a million ways for you. From the custom contouring of the insert to the design of the wrap, we can create something unforgettable. 

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