Key Fob Packaging & Car Dealer Marketing

key fob packaging marketing for car dealerships

Coming up with car dealership advertising ideas is easy. Coming up with good ideas is a little harder. Getting customers in the door should include a variety media. From social media to billboards to radio or TV ads, there are plenty of ways to get your name out into the world. But don't forget to reiterate your messaging even as customers are driving off the lot. From the first handshake to the last, car sales is about reputation and responsibility. Make sure customers can repeat your values and recognize your branding through key fob packaging.

FlashPad Key Fob Packaging

The FlashPad is one of Sunrise Packaging's signature products. Originally designed to hold USB drives, we soon realized that the design was perfect for more than just custom flashdrives. By integrating elements of true luxury packaging, like soft touch lamination, digital printing and turned edges, the quality of the personalized packaging is clear. With a custom thermoformed insert (foam, plastic, or some other material), these unique giveaways can handle almost anything.

key fob packaging

Since launching the FlashPad, customers have used them to house USB sticks, credit card drives, business cards, gift cards, and now as key fob packaging. In the project viewed here, we created a unique design for the dealership, highlighting key aspects of their brand and messaging. Inside, the key fob is held securely in place with a spot for a business card as well. That area could hold a giveaway gift card or other personalized note as well. 

key fob packaging

Creating a Marketing Pipeline

It's easy to find ideas for car dealership marketing. Things like events, slogans, testimonials, giveaways, etc. are all great ideas, but don't always fit into the marketing budget or pipeline. That's where a tool like the FlashPad can leverage these different outlets. The option for enhanced content allows car dealerships to leverage your marketing dollars. The FlashPad is a guaranteed keepsake, meaning that whatever content you create will live with the buyer for long after they leave the lot.

Start Designing Your Key Fob Packaging

Consolidating marketing into compact package--literally--is a great way to ensure brand consistency and identity. While someone might always remember the name of their sales person, they're sure to remember the dealership. We'll leave it to your sales team to create that positive first impression. You can trust Sunrise Packaging to help you design a lasting one through key fob packaging. 

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